Group Members


Marisa C. Palucis

Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College - July 2017 - Current

Postdoctoral Scholars

Frances Rivera-Hernandez

Postdoctoral Researcher – March 2017 - Current

Topics: Martian geomorphology, sedimentology

Website: here

Google Scholar: here

Graduate Students

Torie Roseborough

PhD Student – July 2018 - Current

Topics: Martian geomorphology and remote sensing

Ethan Putnam

Masters Student – Starting August 2018

Topics: Martian geomorphology and mineralogy

Undergraduate Students

Melanie Kanine (Dartmouth)

Topics: Martian geomorphology and mineralogy

Kellen Appleton (Dartmouth)

Topic: Bedform stability in mixed bedrock-alluvial rivers 

Zach Berkow (Dartmouth)

Topic: New England long-river profiles

Peter Mahoney (Dartmouth)

Topic: Lateral erosion by suspended sediment

Visiting Students

 Max Huffman (Hope College, Michigan)

Topic: Bedform stability in mixed bedrock-alluvial rivers

Past Members

Brad Garczynski (Dartmouth '16)

Topics: Crater counting on small areas; timing of alluvial activity on Atacama fans  

Ana Colon (Dartmouth '18)

Topic: Geomorphic analysis of the Cucomungo Fan (Eureka Valley, CA)